Wednesday, July 25, 2012


To all my friends who think they are the ENGLISH professors of FaceBook...  

   I thought this would be a wonderful way to start off My FIRST Blog ever!!!!
Call it a warning or whatever.

    I am so tired of seeing the BIG poster about people who do not know how to use ( there, their ,they're<<< I think that's the last one) ) in a proper sentence. YOU people are making me terribly self conscious about what and how I post. I do not want to be fake and go back and change things to perfect spelling & Grammar and pretend I had it all together.  I DON'T !!!.  ( every now and again I do). I type things in the way to which i speak them ! I know...that's kinda scary. But non the less true ! When i am passionately talking to my friend on Facebook about how great her coffee is I do NOT want to worry about how i am using my grammar or spelling. I get close :))))  I am 41 years old. I have been out of school a LONG time and I did not choose to use my wonderful grammar so I lost it. I chose do to other things..HA HA HA
 I do feel bad for the next couple generations up from me. If this is pressuring on me then surely they are feeling the pressure....<<<< I LOVE putting .......'s in any random place  :) Anyways.......I'm just gonna put it like it is.........<<< he he he.... If you are looking for great grammar & spelling on my page...then go elsewhere!!! I will use my SPELL CHECK when I FEEL like it !!  mwah